I have been reviewing my “Annual Report” that WordPress provides each year to its users.  There is an option to post it publicly and I have enjoyed reading those of others who have done so.  I don’t think I will, but I thought I would share some of the details and stats that I reflected on from mine — a quick summary of the report instead, or perhaps some context (not that there are big fireworks to write home about :)).

My most viewed post that was written in 2014: Parent Engagement by Association.  A close second: Parent Involvement: Who gets the final say?

My top viewed post in 2014, and of all time, remains: Parent Involvement and Intrinsic Motivation: A Connection? (2012).  I think that is because of the many internet searches for the words (and general interest in the link between): parent involvement and motivation.  I know it is not my best post, but the numbers don’t provide that context and reality.

My other posts with the most views (top 5) in 2014 include posts from 2012 and 2013.  The first is not a post about parent engagement but remains “popular”:  Standardized Testing: Teacher reflections on EQAO.  The other one is about parent engagement and I am happy to report that it was written by a guest blogger and parent advocate: A Seat at the Table.  Well done, Nancy!

My “Best Day” is Friday.  But I believe that is because I often post on a Thursday.  I don’t know why.. I have always liked Thursday.  It is Thursday today as I write…

This year’s annual report also informed me that some of my most popular posts were written before 2014.  I was informed of the same in 2013.  I am glad that I kept writing even if my banner year was 2012 🙂

Most visits to my blog came from Canada.  That’s cool.

The post that was written in 2014 that got the most comments was Graduation Caps and Gaps.  That is cool too, but many of those comments/additions were added by me. 🙂

My “5 most active commenters” were also provided:  Thank you Doug, Denise, Nancy, Philip, and Tracy!  The report suggests that I should send them a thank you.  I appreciate all who comment here as well.

It is easy to wonder if blogging has any impact or value.  It is certainly an investment in time and the crunched numbers don’t always provide feedback that has clarity, even if interesting for reflection and awareness.  I am not sure this summary post has value either, but most importantly, I would like to thank all who read and join me in my thoughts shared to this blog!  There may be less about parent engagement and education ahead, but I am sure I will still post or comment about those topics here and there in 2015.

Happy New Year!