Somehow I was drawn to this song with the same title I have used for this post. (Also the first I had heard of this western Canadian band.)

Our family has often discussed how it has felt like “nothing has been easy” since and also separate from the pandemic lately. As we continue to encourage our adult children to keep plugging through challenges and their efforts to improve their lives, careers and relationships, I thought the lyrics of this song might be inspiring for them, or anyone really (lyrics are in text below the video). The lead singer of the band also talks about the song’s meaning here.

While I was looking more into this rock song, I discovered a number of different songs with this same title! This led me to more listening, inspiration, and certainly an interesting mix of artists and genres! Rock, rap, electronic, and country — Here are a few below in videos (with lyrics where available).

“It’s always music that I run to when my life gets confusin’ ..”

If you have had a listen to some, let me know what you have liked or which one is your favourite. All the musicians are from Canada, except for the McClymonts (Australia). Do you have a song that helps you when you wish things were easier? Does it help you push through to reach a good outcome? Do you believe that “nothing good comes easy”? Do you know any multiple songs with the same title?