I recently attempted to “downsize” my jewellery box. I managed to part with a few things. It’s difficult to part with the sentimental pieces. My charm bracelet went back in the box, but it left me pondering about such bracelets in general. Mine is from my preteen years and most of the charms have some memories attached. Such a personalized piece of jewellery!

I was able to find an article that covered some historical aspects of collecting such “charms”, as well as a timeline of the different bracelet styles. I guess I was influenced by the “Bobby-Soxers” style of bracelets before the trend changed to the more link-type bracelets in the 1990s. It sounds about right:

For them, the charm bracelet was a way for them to keep mementos from their vacations, hobbies, and achievements.”

At first I worried about posting a photo of mine because of the personal “data”, but I will chance it.

Most of the “data” fits: I still like cats (upper left), I should ride a bike more, and I like Christmas. I am a sister, a best friend, a Virgo, and a graduate. A couple of charms are mementos from a trip to Toronto, but it was my sister who went to Hawaii. Nothing too exciting or extravagant, but a bit like a “bio” of the day. I couldn’t help make some connections to social media. Did these bracelets represent our identity similar to what social media would offer now? Were they a way to brag or compare “statuses” with others? Did social media kill the charm bracelet? 😀

If you have any thoughts or stories to share about charm bracelets, please do! Do you have one? Did you ever actually wear it? What did it mean to you? Do you still collect anything similar?