Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash

I actually like to wrap gifts for others — as in using flat paper to fit the present or the box that I put the present in, especially at Christmas. I suppose it is because my memories of childhood of are removing wrapping paper from my gifts under the tree. It is part of the anticipation, right? Also, “presentation” matters to me when I give a gift to someone special. Again, perhaps it is my past experiences that make me feel that a present in a gift bag doesn’t measure up at times. That’s not to say I haven’t selected fancy gift bags and/or jazzed them up some. At Christmas, I do start wrapping early so I can enjoy it. Rushed gift wrapping is not where I like to be.

When did gift bags become such a popular alternative? Was it prompted by environmental concerns first, or was it because bags provided a faster and/or an easier alternative? Most wrapping paper and tissue can’t be recycled, so an alternative makes sense. If wrapping isn’t one’s thing, an alternative makes sense too.

So I am torn at times, but I still do a combination of wrapping and bagging (with the odd cloth bag too). I still feel compelled to put that really special gift in a box, with tissue, and then continue with wrapping paper and ribbon. I love using gift tags made from cut-up Christmas cards from previous years. Perhaps I will have to come up with a more environmentally safe wrapping material alternative. I remember using the comics section from the newspaper when I was a kid — I think they were in colour back then though.

Open to suggestions!