A number of years ago, I bought a cool looking teapot at an estate sale (photo above). I was into collecting unique or antique teapots at the time. When I was about to clean this particular new find, I noticed a piece of paper folded up inside it. Instant curiosity! Of all things, it was an “Irish Sweepstakes” ticket! Date: 1965

Front of ticket
Back of ticket

It didn’t take long for my husband to look up to see if it had been a winner — Nope. I still didn’t toss it though. I came across it again in a recent flurry of going though stuff in the house. I suggested to my husband that we could probably throw it out now. This time he searched eBay — mint condition tickets are up for sale at 20 – 30 dollars. Well, this one is in crisp, mint condition, but who would really want to buy one?

Further reading confirmed that such Irish Sweepstakes draws are no longer being held. They ran from 1939 to 1986. It all started as a good cause to help fund Irish hospitals. I didn’t know that it also involved horse races and it led to illegal ticket purchases in other countries. According to Wikipedia, many tickets did not make it back to the rotating drums in Ireland for the draw! I guess this ticket is one of them? I wonder what the real story is about this ticket tucked into a teapot!

So I guess we are going to hang onto it for a bit longer…

The things I wouldn’t know about if I hadn’t bought a funky teapot πŸ™‚ Do you have story about an unexpected or surprising find? Have you ever found a winning lottery ticket?