I have read that trees can communicate among themselves, so I hope it is still okay to tell their stories!  (Last year, I wrote a Christmas related one.)

This time, a post about a travelling tree of sorts.  Or maybe just a sentimental tree story…

During the first few years that my husband and I were together, we moved from city to city and also within city a fair bit.  After a first out of town move, we bought a small pine tree for the front yard to help make the place our own.  Even though it was a rented townhouse, it was important at the time for some reason.  I am not absolutely certain why, but we chose a Swiss Stone Pine.

After one year, we moved again to a new city.  We dug up the little pine tree, put it in a pot, and then it went into the car with us for the drive across the province and into another (the rest of our household contents were transported by a moving company).  I don’t recall where we planted the young tree that fall at our newly rented house, but it did survive.  I know this for sure because, once again, we moved to a new city a year later, dug it up, and off into the car again — A little more south this time and back into Ontario.  Once again, I am not sure where in our new yard it got planted, but this time it got to spend some time in the same hole in the ground for 4 years!  Good thing it is a fairly slow growing tree!

We probably shouldn’t have moved the now maturing tree ever again, but… our next move was within the same city and it was the first house we bought, so…. up it came again!  This time, I clearly remember where we planted it in our front yard — and it survived and flourished!  How do I know this?:  Because it is still in that spot!  We did move from that “starter home” after 3 years or so and that time we did part ways with it (sob!).  Besides, we had 2 kids in tow by then 🙂  BUT, we still get to check on it! Just this past summer, we drove by and I snapped a photo! We should try to talk to the owners of the house one day, but I think the house has changed hands a few times now (we notice different cars over the years).  All have left the tree in its place, if you can imagine… 🙂

Just look at this beauty! (It’s not as close to the hydro wires as it looks):

After that drive by, I decided to research Swiss Stone Pine a bit more (the things one has time for during a pandemic!).  Should we get a brand new one for our yard?!  An online site informed me that they were planted around houses and yards in Switzerland as a symbol of good fortune.  Another online source informed that, yes, they are a slow growing species and that they do not transplant well.  Oh! 🙂  Will there come a day that we will discover that it was chopped down? That would be sad for us!

Do you have a favourite tree species?  Do you have it planted in your yard? Is there a tree that represents a symbol of something for you?  A favourite tree as the leaves turn colour in the fall?  Tree stories welcome!