Included in my family’s old 16mm film collection that we recently archived and digitized, were a few reels of footage taken around the Thunder Bay area.  Some of my family members took a road trip to Niagara Falls, so there is plenty of footage from that trip and destination.  On the way, there was a stop at Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, ON.  We edited two 16mm film reels with footage (one in colour and one in black & white) into one of “the falls” and loaded it up to our YouTube channel for this project.  Of course, it is just silent footage from the 1950s, but still pretty cool and it has reached close to 600 views now.  Recently we had a comment on that video on the channel.  Someone with their own channel of travel videos mentioned their recent visit to the falls.  I did what maybe they hoped I would do and scrolled through their uploads from a road trip.  Yup — one of Kakabeka Falls, with sound! 🙂

I thought it would be fun to post the two videos together here.  From back then and now — 70 years apart.

Then (the hotel is no longer there):



It is still better to see and hear the falls directly, of course.  I have camped at the provincial park/campground up the hill from the falls only once.  It was during a trip through Thunder Bay before my husband and I decided to move to the area.  We only had a small tent and we lasted one day after an animal was sniffing and scratching around our tent during the first night.  We still debate it to this day — bear or skunk?  Now I try to visit the falls at least once a year and it never gets old.

Readers, do you have a story or experience to share about “Niagara of the North”?