Full title could be, “Old music and lyrics that align with current times now”.

In my previous post, I linked my thoughts and writing about the current pandemic to a Melanie song.  It turns out that I am not the only one who has had lyrics of Melanie’s songs come to mind during this pandemic.  I am a member of a Facebook group of Melanie fans and at some point I noticed others posting “Melanie-isms”, as in songs and lyrics that resonated with them since self-isolation and physical distancing.

Although many of Melanie’s songs can be on the melancholic side, I still had a few playing to cheer me up and fill my time at home lately.  I decided to collect and share more of the lyrics that came to mind and matched the current times for me.  Many of these songs were written decades ago, of course (although Melanie is still performing many of them).  I will include YouTube links for my own archive and in case anyone else wants to listen to the whole song.

I would have to start with Alone Together (a favourite live performance here)

We’re believers, we’ve been hurt by believing
Needing people, we know looking’s not seeing
I see needs that might be answered by forever
Together on our own
Let’s be together alone

Next, Ring The Living Bell, because the title of the song and chorus have a positive vibe that cut though some of the sad news. I first heard it on an album, but this is a great live version.

Ring the living bell, ring the living bell
Shine the living light

Beautiful People is beautiful any time.

Beautiful people
You ride the same subway
As I do ev’ry morning
That’s got to tell you something
We’ve got so much in common
I go the same direction that you do
So if you take care of me
Maybe I’ll take care of you

I just realized that the title of my previous post could connect to two songs: Here I Am and Again.

From Again,

Nothing for me to do
But be alone
Maybe I’ll sit and write
‘Cause if I don’t
The ones I met won’t
Be my friends for life

I love singing out loud to this one:  The Good Guys.

But if we keep on trying
Though our purpose isn’t clear
We just may move the universe
We’ll learn to really care

Eventually the whole facade
Becomes more than a whim
By starting to build on the outside
We’re gonna fill up the walls within

It was easy to think of this one, title and lyrics:  Save Me.

Take my dreams on vacation to a room with a view
Out the window all I see is the space inside of me
That could be filled with you

And easy to think this at times: We Don’t Know Where We’re Going.

And we don’t know what it is
And we don’t know where we’re goin’

Bound together by something
But we don’t know what it is
And we don’t know where we’re goin’

I think this one comes to mind more when I listen to White House briefings 😀 — Stop! I Don’t Wanna’ Hear It Anymore.

Now all the things that you defend, are what you hide behind…. Oh, Stop…

Although a song about dying, it has an upbeat vibe about life and living, Life Will Not Go Away.

You can’t take it with you but there is this little part
That goes and continues in the realm of the heart
So rejoice in living and let the music play
Life will not go away!

And for fun, Jigsaw Puzzle.  It was originally written by Mick Jagger, but I have always preferred Melanie’s cover of it.

I’m just trying to do … a little jigsaw puzzle…

I am going to end with, Smile.

Wear it well and it could appear in your heart
Indelibly printed on someone a world apart
Lights in the window all through our darkest day
Human kindness outdistances being afraid

And I love people who smile
If everybody smiles, we’ll have a hometown all over the world

If you have made it to the end of this “playlist”, I would be happy to hear about your connections to old songs or lyrics that may have comforted you recently.

I thought this was an interesting article about something else that is going with lyrics of songs now.  Sub-headline:

Snippets of songs are often becoming popular faster than the songs themselves….