It’s almost that time of year when you will probably get asked, “Got your tree up yet?”.  You may have already been engaged in a debate as to when the appropriate date is for such.

I have read a couple of good tree stories this week in online news.  One was about a tree in Nova Scotia that Doug Peterson shared amongst his good variety of daily tweets.  The other from my home town.  Both trees were selected and donated for the purpose of an annual Christmas tradition.

The tree in Nova Scotia was headed for Boston after an official public send-off in Halifax.  There was also a cutting ceremony with a school community.  Enjoy the story here.  For this province:

The tree is a thank-you gift to Boston for sending medical personnel and supplies after 2,000 were killed and hundreds more affected by the Halifax explosion of Dec. 6, 1917.”

The tree in Kenora was headed for downtown.  Even though I moved from Kenora over 30 years ago, I still like hearing about the annual tree going up near the end of Main St.  Enjoy the story (print and audio link) of this year’s donation by a family in the community:  Here’s the Main St. Christmas Tree!  What a beauty! Recent news updates inform me that the tree is now up and the lighting ceremony will be held on Nov. 22. (A good article here about the history and recent stories of Kenora’s Main St. tree.)

I understand that not everyone will be comfortable with a live, healthy tree being cut down.  Yet, these tree stories reveal such joy and community spirit.  For me, it isn’t Christmas until the real tree is up.

Please share any similar community tree stories you know!