I’ve never learned so much about Canada until I had to teach about it…

For a second time, I taught an evening class in May to help adult newcomers learn about Canada and prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test.  They learn about Canada in English classes and elsewhere, but this session provides further support and review, as well as practice test questions.  The study guide, Discover Canada, is an excellent resource from CIC .  Students receive a hard copy, but there are also options to read and listen online.  I would suggest it for anyone who would simply like to rediscover Canada as well.  The information can seem extensive, but it does cover challenging topics such as history and government quite well.  The new things I have learned (relearned?)… and I was born in Canada!

This past May, there were a number of “anniversaries” that related well to the content of the course.  Social media brought such tidbits to my attention.  For example:

May 3 marked 100 years since the poem, In Flanders Fields, was written.  More here.

May 10 marked 45 years since Bobby Orr’s famous goal. More here. (yes, we covered Canadian sports!)

May 24 marked 97 years since Canadian women received the right to vote in Federal elections.

And of course, the Queen’s birthday in May, but June 2 marked 62 years since the Queen’s Coronation.

January 2015 also marked the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

Did I miss any?

There are many resources for the study of Canada, but it is important not to overwhelm newcomers with too many sources of information. I enjoy supporting their individual needs and inviting their stories, while still including the specifics that help for the citizenship test.

My enthusiasm for the wonders of Canada may still not be enough to do service to the beauty and diversity of the country.  (I have yet to visit every province myself.)  One “home study” suggestion I give (for those who can access) is this video, an aerial adventure over Canada.  It can be viewed in 3 shorter parts as well — a bird’s eye view from coast to coast at least! (Part one, two and three, if you wish)

Let me know if you would like a test! 🙂