I noticed lately that I have been listening to a number of songs that have gold as a theme or a metaphor.  While it can seem that most songs are about love and/or loss, it occurred to me that many have gold references.  Not that interesting really, but it got me wondering.  It is usually a positive reference — whether a colour, a relationship, an opportunity, an object or state of being.  This is usually the case in speech and literature as well.

I featured a “gold” song/music video, “Good as Gold”, in a previous post, and here are a few more video/links, if you would like my recent playlist:

Gold by Wake Owl

Stay Gold by First Aid Kit

Golden by Scars on 45

Gold by Imagine Dragons

…Hard not to mention Neil Young’s Heart of Gold.

These are all really good songs and music videos.  I understand that the reference probably helps to sell a song, movie, product or idea, etc.  As a colour, gold is striking and appealing.  Who doesn’t appreciate a golden sunset?  I think that gold has an appropriate place in competitions and sport, for the most part, I guess.  But when does the focus become too much of a preoccupation? When is it no longer a part of an appropriate context?  How does the “glory of gold” impact other areas of our lives?  Is there more or less of an impact in today’s world?  What about classrooms?

I have a handful of memories from kindergarten, so I know this “quest” for gold existed back then and must start young.  I am sure my family is tired of this story, but here goes…  It was nice that our teacher let us choose our stickers on occasion.  I still recall lining up for “fingernail inspection”.  Yes, clean nails meant a sticker of our choosing.  I can still recall some of my classmates digging deep into the bag for the gold stars or other gold shapes of the day.  That would often hold up the passing of the sticker bag to others with clean nails that morning.  I must have got bored or tired with it, or something… I would just dig for a green star and pass the bag along.  The green circles were cool too, I recall.

Maybe “kids today” are fine, so to speak, but I still worry and wonder about the pressures and messaging in many things.  What if there isn’t a gold lining..?

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold… happiness dwells in the soul.”  ~ Democritus

I welcome your thoughts on gold 🙂  It is fine if you share a favourite “gold” tune as well!