I have often told my children stories about my childhood adventures in the woods behind the house where I grew up.  “The bush” extended behind all the houses on my street and it was an amazing playground and destination for the kids in my neighbourhood.  We took it for granted back in the day.  One thing I never took for granted were the wild Lady Slippers that we discovered here and there amongst tree trunks and moss.  I remember my mother’s words advising us not to pick them — they were rare and best to leave them to propagate and be enjoyed by all who stumbled upon them.

A few years ago, my girls bought me a potted Lady Slipper for Mother’s Day.  Although not the white and pink coloured ones I recall from my stomping grounds, it was a beautiful Greater Yellow.  I planted it in a flower bed hoping it was a good spot for it.  We were thrilled to see the blooms starting as summer arrived.  One of my daughter’s got curious and creative with the camera and decided to take pictures of the blooms in progress.  I had no idea how thankful I would be for her persistence and the photos.  The following spring brought only a few blooms and the perennial’s future seems uncertain.  But I will always have what she captured of this graceful orchid.  I promised her I would share them to my blog at a time of year when I was missing buds and flowers the most.  It feels right to post today.  I think about my Mom a lot on May 4th – It has been 15 years now.  The memories and stories continue.

Enjoy. Share beauty. Cherish.