Ontario’s government released a renewed vision for education today.  I have blogged and reflected in the past about the province’s vision and goals.

The entire vision and associated documents are on the Ministry of Education’s website here:

In my previous and related post, I focused on one (of three) of the priorities, “Increased public confidence in publicly funded education”.  From the website at the time (two years ago):

“Our goal is to create strong community-school partnerships and to make publicly funded schools the schools of choice for all parents. We are promoting two-way communication with the public and strengthening the role of schools in communities. By engaging the public and working collaboratively with school boards across the province, we are building a supportive learning environment.”

The renewed vision, “Achieving Excellence” continues to build on the three current priorities but reaches “deeper and broader”.

The four renewed goals are now listed as:

  • Achieving Excellence
  • Ensuring Equity
  • Promoting Well-Being
  • Enhancing  Public Confidence

Once again, I took a closer look at what was outlined in the “Enhancing Public Confidence” portion of the document.  It stated that “Parent Involvement Committees are ensuring that the parent perspective is incorporated into provincial policies”.  Also stated was, “We need to consider how to give more parents opportunities to engage in their child’s learning in the future” and also, “…we must continue to explore new and creative avenues for parents to engage in their child’s learning.”

There are plans of action provided for each goal.  Under “Enhancing Public Confidence“, here is one bullet pertaining more specifically to parent engagement:

  • Foster increased parent engagement through ongoing communication about what their children are doing in school and how parents, guardians and caregivers can further contribute to their learning.

I trust we will see more details and initiatives ahead for all four goals… what will be built upon and what will be promoted and enhanced.  Also, please share if you have examples of how the PIC in your district, as a committee as a whole or beyond, ensured the incorporation of parent perspectives into provincial policies.