It is often bedtime when my 17 year old asks the most interesting questions.  Recently it was, “I don’t get tape… how is tape sticky?….and why does it become un-sticky?”.  Last night we had a quick exchange about cell phones which led to, “We really don’t know the impact of technology yet, do we?… like, we really won’t know until many years from now”.  It was past 11 pm, so without much speculation, I agreed, yes, there may be impacts that we don’t realize yet.  I wondered if she had been reading Seth’s Blog.  Earlier in the day I had read his post, “Your relationship with the future”.  And then today’s post, “Our inability to see ahead”.  Wise stuff.  As I dipped into the Twitter stream today, I also caught two other related and thought-provoking reads:

As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse? : The New Yorker

How Facebook Is Destroying History : Brown Moses Blog

Such articles can be a bit gloomy to read and easy to feel skeptical about, but they did make me stop and think, just as the questions from my children do.  My daughter did satisfy her curiosity about the sticky properties of tape by searching on the internet, but I wonder what answers and outcomes she will learn about regarding technology in the future.  In the meantime, I will keep reading, learning, questioning, reflecting…