My daughter came home from school the other day quite excited.  She was excited about the submission she was to prepare for the yearbook which was extended to all students in the senior graduating class.  She was really eager to set about filling in her favourite quotes and memories and such.  I don’t recall being able to self-submit much in my graduating year.  I asked her why she was so motivated and she replied, “Because…this is how people will remember me…. and I was looking at your yearbooks and thought, huh?”.  I didn’t press for what that meant!  I did reply, “But it is just a yearbook and they are still only in hard copy, right?… and you have social media sites, unlike in my day.”  She dismissed the significance of that though.  I was left thinking about a few things… the past and the future… and about memories and yearbooks.

The creation of school yearbooks has certainly changed, but I guess they are one thing not published or desired to be online (except for the odd scanned image, I suppose).  The physical signing of yearbooks still seems to be a cherished thing.  A few days after this conversation with my daughter, I noticed this link to a story shared in my Twitter feed: “Someone Found a High School Yearbook from 1913 and Put it Online“.  Yikes…but quite interesting!  I think I will go hide my yearbooks now 🙂  Do you keep yours around?