I enjoyed the recent blog meme that started amongst education bloggers.  The critic in me did sense some limitation for participation as it did require one to write a blog post and it required a bit of “putting oneself out there”.  I sent the “homework” as optional to 11 people and I remain open to how they or others want to participate, if they want to participate.  So I may have broken a few rules with this already… with the help of some friends. 🙂

I was glad Philip still answered my questions in the comments on my blog post without creating a new post, as he had already done so on his blog.  A friend of mine (with no blog) discussed some of the questions (from both my “nominators” and me) with her family while indoors together on a very cold day.  She sent me some of the responses in private messages.  Hilarious!

I also got chatting with Doug (one of my nominators) about how it felt amiss to me that my nominators couldn’t answer my questions back… if we followed the rules :).  So I guess through our back and forth, we both decided… “Why not?”  Doug took my questions to his own blog post and completed my interview :).  So I will “prod” some more… and see if I can nudge Donna and Johnny in some way as well.  I still welcome others to participate in their own way too – even if it means answering just a few my questions or any of the questions from the others in my previous post.  It is all just for fun and connecting while some of us wait out the recent bitter cold temperatures and stay warm on our blogs. #nopressure 🙂