I blog and use social media mostly for education-related topics and issues, but I do like that I have included a number of other interests as part of my social media “diet”.

As a long time fan of the music by Dala, I also follow them on Twitter.  The talented duo, Amanda and Sheila, are sweet and charming both in person and on stage.  My family had the pleasure of seeing them perform live at the Red Rock Folk Festival last summer, as well as chatting with them after their performance.  I really admire how personable and engaging they are with their fans and followers.  Last night, they tweeted out a video that a young woman created to one of their songs using stop motion animation.  And just as their tweet said that it made them stop in their tracks, it did so for me too.

Check it out:

I then took in the conversation on Twitter that they had with the creator.  She has entered it into a film festival as well.  I know I am blown away by her message, talent, and expression already, as well as the patience of her friend who helped with the hours it took to film it. 🙂

I am always fascinated by the messages conveyed in music and lyrics.  How messages can be further conveyed in videos is also fascinating to me.  I suspect that each listener and viewer would relate and find meaning in different ways.  I often want to enjoy a song before seeing its video version, but I still especially enjoy what can be created visually in response or relation to music and lyrics.

Here is the official Dala video of the song, Good as Gold, as well…. also beautiful and captivating:

As I have included in my “About” page: “Never far from what inspires me:  People, nature, music, and good humour!  And technology and social media have enhanced access to all such experiences!”  Just thought I would post an example of the interesting things and inspiring people I can stumble upon through these connections.