As I dipped into the Twitter stream today, I seemed to have caught a theme in just a few short minutes!

If you are ever having some reservations or questions about the purpose of a Personal Learning Network, “PLN”, there are plenty of good reads to guide with this.  I wrote a post with my own questions and thoughts some time ago.  What I found interesting today was how a few posts seem to relate and mesh so well, if not speak to where things are at currently with online learning networks in education and to what lies ahead.

First I read about, “It’s time to create school systems that learn”, by Paul Ash, Superintendent.  His message really speaks to a shift in supporting learning and key roles in education.

Then, “Hacking Your Professional Development“.  Andrew Campbell, a teacher, pulled together a great compilation that captures the possibilities of a PLN and other learning opportunities that educators are taking part in and have readily available to them.

And then next, some related and relevant insight from a principal, Cale Birk, “How Do You Value Networking?”.  His post nicely brings in the consideration of students to this networked way of learning.  A lot to reflect on from his post in regards to both student and educator networks and connected learning.

And one last post regarding the purpose and next steps for PLN’s, Tom Whitby asks, “When is Innovation Old News?”.

I hope these posts help bring together some thoughts and plans for next steps for you, as they did for me.  Thanks for reading my quick collection!