I stumbled upon this video recently.  I thought the students did a great job putting it and their thoughts together.  It was creative in itself.


I don’t doubt the value of opportunities for inspiration from online sources and interaction.  I can also appreciate the richness and diversity of resources that are available to students now to further explore their passions and interests online.  I have seen my own children seek ideas and inspiration online to help them in their creative pursuits and passions.

But I find my thoughts going around in circles sometimes.  What is the connection between technology and creativity exactly?  Are we really talking about innovation at times?  How does crowd-sourcing fit in to it all?  I worry we might overlook the creative process that can be inspired and facilitated without technology.  Is there an appropriate balance at the right time when so much is available online?  It is not hard for me to look around my own home and see creative works of my children that were inspired simply and only from seeing something in their natural physical world.  Could the same visual experience online/virtually have provided the same inspiration?  With my own, I am quite sure it wouldn’t have in many cases.

IMG_8556 (3)


I am still pondering some interesting reads about the discussions at the World Economic Forum.  An interesting video here about the interaction of art and technology.  Also here, Tim Brown mentions the conclusion from one session he attended, “The overall conclusion from the session was that creativity has an essential role to play in education, whether for the purposes of enhancing technical innovation or for creating well-rounded graduates who can truly contribute to society.”

So my thoughts and questions continue regarding the connection and interaction between creativity and technology.  How does one influence the other?  Which should serve what/who?  When should they stay separate?

I will end with sharing this short video of a creative photographer, as I thought it was quite creative in itself too.


🙂 I didn’t expect that either!