I’m worried about Ontario Education #onted.  It can be difficult to be in the Twitter stream at times right now.  But I know this is not about me.  I am not really worried about education so much as I am worried about people.  This is hard on everyone – all involved in the contract negotiations and issues.  Teachers, trustees, administrators – they all have families, so it is hard on their families too.  I wrote this out of worry back in July.  I don’t know what to expect ahead.  I am unclear how things will go during what is left of this year and by the effective date of Bill 115 legislation.  Lately I find the words of a Melanie Safka song coming to mind,

If I had my dream it would not fall down
If I could live high on the ground,
The sound of high is a good one to many around
When they wanna be close to it all,
And I wanna be close to it all and all,
I wanna be close to it all……

If I had my dream I would fill a hall
And tell all the people tear down the wall
That keeps them from being a part of it all
‘Cause they gotta get close to it all.

My family is not affected too much directly right now (I work with parents, I teach adults, I have older children).  But I am sad for the worry I have for others having to deal more directly with the issues.  I am not sure how or if I can support or help.  It can seem much bigger than me.  The updates change quickly.  I worry that we have not had enough time to build trust and good relationships and connections in #onted in order to see this through in a respectful manner.  It is a big province.  I recognize that some of it has to be difficult, if not painful.  I worry that the public will not be patient, but I do hope they will stay open-minded and do their best to understand the issues.  I know there are many other things that people may be sad and stressed about in their own lives too.

Writing this post will not help much either, but it is my “space” where I usually express about education and children.  I worry about the risks in writing about this; I worry about not writing about this.  I worry about those who cannot openly express about it.  So, like in July, I hope there will be some breathing space for everyone as we approach the holidays.  Or at least a little bit of calm by winter solstice.  Take time, take “a little”.

I appreciated Doug Peterson’s (@dougpete) post today to help expand the #onted network.  I think many of us are looking for a way to support and do the right thing where we can in our respective roles.