Parent engagement at the secondary school level often requires a different conversation and consideration.  It can be difficult and confusing for a parent to figure out what their involvement should look like.  It is easy to worry about labels and judgement even more at this level.  A recent blog post by @4moms1Dream covered some interesting points regarding labels of parent engagement.

Regardless, I find it interesting to reflect on the ways my own children have turned to me for guidance during their high school years.  Steve Constantino  (@smconstantino) recently wrote an insightful post about engaging secondary school families.  I also related to a poem he wrote and, with permission, am sharing it here:

My Biggest Fear

I am the child who tries each day,

to learn and grow and find my way.

And I know the message I send is clear,

“I’m okay, I can take it from here.”

But that bravado I share is all an act.

A clever ruse to hide the fact,

that what I need is you right here,

to help me face my biggest fear.

Lean in close and listen well.

Because my friends don’t think that I should tell.

My worry of worries my biggest fear,

is what would happen if you weren’t here.

So stay with me at home and school,

and ignore the fact that it’s not cool.

Try as I might to hold you at bay,

It’s at that very moment, I need you to stay.