I enjoy reading the many articles about the health benefits of drinking various beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc.  It may be difficult to always “extract” the various variables in such studies, and as we know, correlation doesn’t necessarily prove a causal relationship or “cause and effect” with any two variables measured.  I often wonder if it is not just the actual ingredients of such liquids, but also the personal action and time taken to have a brew or cuppa that is beneficial to health.  Is it really because one takes the time to relax, or that the beverage time forces one to relax, reflect….clear the mind maybe….even if just for a few minutes each day?  A “smell the flowers” kind of thing?

The updates, consultations, and issues in education seem on-going in Ontario this summer (and likely elsewhere too), not to mention the correlation studies 🙂 .  I am extremely appreciative of those who have been keeping the conversations going as well as sharing the news links and updates through social media.  So here’s to well-being and enjoying a favourite beverage in your favourite summer spot too!  July is almost through…savour it, “bottle it”, breathe.  I will try to take my own advice too!

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