The content of my twitter stream can be many things – cheerful, peculiar, fascinating, funny, alarming, thought-provoking, conflicting, enlightening, entertaining, and yes, sometimes annoying (which may really mean that I need a break!).  I know there are times when it feels like everyone is just firing out their links, their news, their stuff (sure, I am guilty too!).  It is easy to wonder, “Is anyone talking or learning from one another?”  And then an organized or impromptu chat will appear in my timeline and, yes, conversations, sharing, challenging questions, and learning!  Also empowerment.  And as much as the additional “RTing” may be annoying, I realize that we are often doing so in hope!  We are “RTing” our hopes for change, our philosophy, our inspirations and our struggles.  I am sure that non-tweeters wonder, “What’s up with that?” 🙂  And we hear the warnings of the “echo-chamber”…..

I think many of us get there too:  Why am I on Twitter?  Are we making a difference in education and in our local communities or beyond?  What impact do our tweets and retweets have from the ground level and up?  I often struggle to balance my time and focus on Twitter – which also leads to reading and commenting on blogs, exploring websites and resources, etc.  But I do know that the connecting with people through Twitter networks (often in a very serendipitous way) has been both supportive and empowering, and has provided me with insight and various opportunities for which I am thankful and which may not have happened otherwise.  I am approaching my third year of using Twitter, so I guess I am being reflective.

But still, for those times of self-doubt, I have a few posts from others that I remind myself about (or keep handy for naysayers :)).  Here are a few that arrived likely at just the right time in my Twitter journey:

The Digital Coalition by Chris Kennedy @chrkennedy

The Quiet Revolution in Education by David Wees @davidwees

How Social Media is Changing Education by Chris Wejr @MrWejr

And just posted today…some great questions from Kevin Kerr,  including, “Where do we go next?”

Education Innovation by Kevin Kerr @KERReteach

I know there are others too.  Feel free to add to the list or share what keeps you confident that social media connecting and networking helps you to learn and enhance your role in your school or community, and be a part of change and innovation.