I have been reading quite a number interesting blogs, articles and opinions about BYOD (bringing your own device) to school for learning.  It has all really got me thinking and wondering about technology in the classroom.  I have also been trying to understand various perspectives.

Here are some of my guiding questions as I consider this as a direction ahead:

How does BYOD impact teachers and teaching in the classroom?

How does BYOD affect an administrator’s school improvement planning and school budget?

How does BYOD impact students – directly and their interactions with each other?

Where do parents fit into the BYOD discussion and decision-making? (There are concerns about affordability and access, but I also wonder if there would be parents who wouldn’t support it, regardless of financial situation.  Would that impact a school?)

What are the considerations to make around age/grade? When, what, and how of BYOD at each grade level?

I also hope that being impatient to get technology integrated into classrooms doesn’t affect sound decision-making.  I often read and hear about calculators being used as an example to help perspective in this.  I am not sure that is the best one to consider.  To me, technology provides a different variety of tools and access to many different things.  I also hope that gaining or attracting students doesn’t affect the decision-making process in this.

Through all the questions I have, I come back to this:  I think it is important for the ones in the decision-making roles (whether it be class, school, or district level) to give full consideration of their own school community/ies.  That seems to be key in what I have read and taken in so far — know your school community/district, work with them, learn, adjust, and stand by the decision to move foward.

I am sure there are other key questions and points that I have missed.  Here are a few of the blogs I have learned a lot from.  This list includes perspectives and experiences of teachers and principals.








Lots to think about.  Welcome more thoughts!