I finally made this step of creating my own blog site!  After a year of using Twitter, I think I am ready for this new space to expand on the sharing of thoughts and information about the things I feel passionate and concerned about in education and in the lives of children.  I also hope it will extend the learning and connecting with others as well.  I appreciate all the folks who encouraged me in this step.  It was huge for me! So thanks!  I have also been honoured by the opportunity to guest blog for Lorna Costantini (@lornacost), Shannon Smith (@shannoninottawa), and Chris Wejr (@MrWejr).  It certainly helped to get my feet wet!

The site as it appears today is quite basic, and I will likely make many changes in the next while.  I hope to get to the features and options soon!  Luddites need time… 🙂  I am not sure how often I will blog, but I am looking foward to having this space to respond and reflect about the many things we need to have dialogue about regarding education, learning, schools and our communities–it’s always connected!

So I hope some folks will drop by–I will have lots of ponderings and questions!  And I hope together we can ponder and ask more questions that will lead us to some amazing learning, as well as positive outcomes in each of our roles in education and in the lives of children.

This quote really lingered with me as I went about planning this blog, “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” (Edwin Schlossberg).  I hope I can achieve that here as well.